I couldn’t let you guys miss a bit of my world, the fashion side. So sit back and enjoy a quick chat I had with a talented fashion designer from Mabopane in Pretoria called Ecstasy Boy.


His technique of putting things together, mixing his bold artistic graphics on his garments. His work does the talking for him, like your dungarees, shorts & bucket hats to mention a few. He’s undeniably climbing the ladder on being on the fore front of street fashion that’s forever evolving.


Like I said before Pretoria is known for producing great DJ’s & artists, but then “Ecstasy Boy” is holding the flag high all in the name of fashion. The fashion industry within Pretoria shores is growing to greater heights, because every corner of Pretoria, emerging designers are coming out in full force.


I just hope informative platforms are put in place, so that emerging fashion designers can run sustainable brands.

One can’t deny that he’s here to stay.

Q. How did Ecstasy come about?
A. Ecstasy came about setting up a new fresh style that accommodates people who love fashion.

Q. Take us through your fashion label.
A. My fashion label has variety of clothes like your formals, casuals & street wear.
If you are interested in dreaming high with us then you will love ecstasy clothing.

Q. What inspires you?
A. Lol anything that consists of art inspires me a lot because I’m trying to do things on a higher dimension.

Q. What’s the latest on your label?
A. The latest things that I’m currently doing are matric dance garments & still busy ka some new stuff set to follow soon.
Q. Latest spring fashion must haves?
A. Must have fashion spring items are bucket hats, delelas(dungarees), printed vests, t-shirts, sunglasses, tailored shorts including printed fabrics.

Q. Define style in your own words?
A. Style comes from being creative.

Q. What sets you apart from the rest?
A. I run my own race & I’m aiming to improve to be better than I was before.

Q. Where do you want see yourself in three years time?
A. In three years to come I want to own few outlets of Ecstasy & have a big firm that produces more beautiful garments.

Q. Your media platforms are?
A. Facebook: Tshepo Kgobane.
Cellphone No: 082 6143 106.

With that said there’s no way you could go wrong in terms of putting an ensemble together.

Ecstasy2 Ecstasy5

With the mentioned above tips from the shy ecstasy boy who his work does the talking for him, I’m thrilled to have featured him.

Ecstasy Clothing a  fresh label from lebopo, kasi lama kasi.


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