Over a hundreds of Soshanguve residents left their house chores and duties on Saturday the 28th of April to take part in the groundbreaking marketing event that took place at Soshanguve Block TT from 12pm. Hawaiian Sosh Spring Party (HSSP) as it’s named consists of the following members (Fana Maseko, Joseph Lebese (The M.C), Ayanda Myeki and the brain behind HSSP Dineo Mashapa). The event was scheduled to promote and launch local businesses. Creating a successful event was just a glimmer to HSSP founder Dineo Mashapa (28) who resides in Extension 1, Soshanguve.

DJ Mosquito, Static Key, DJ Manic Manelo, Blaq Soul and Soul K were featured Deejays who made sure the event was on fire or lit as many would say. People came in their numbers to support the event; they spent their money on various products. The founder shared the joy she felt and how going an extra mile to promote her business and those of others turned the event into a success.

It was never easy to get HSSP off the ground, it started back in 2013 when it was named Hawaii, Dineo tried to work on her own but it just did not work out. In 2015 she tried again but this time she was not alone but with a group of guys and was the only girl. Fast forward the brand was named Hawaiian Party, at the time they were doing cocktails and it was hosted at Extension 1, Soshanguve. The event was doing well but trust and loyalty issues broke the whole brand, Dineo still did not give up after the setback she gained more strength and started to Google and research on how to pick up the regroup and grow her brand.

Early 2016 she gave it one more try and this time around she scored herself a couple of hard workers who shared the same vision and ambitious and work together as a team and are still going strong. They later named the brand HSSP.

Over the past year HSSP has grown from a small local business to a more well known and a preferred brand by many people. HSSP is a brand that specializes in doing all kinds of events, social markets and cookouts.

As much as we know that marketing is important to every business’ survival and effective marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bankrupt your business you just have to be “smarter” and that’s what HSSP is all about, it provides effective marketing at affordable costs.

The event gave an opportunity to many local brands including Gudgu which is a brand that sells cocktails, Jumbo Jar Bar which sells jars, K and G Waist Trainers who specialize in selling waist trainers, Thapelo Warra Morapedi who specializes in printing t-Shirts and also has a variety of different t-shirts that are printed local music titles like “E Monate Ka Lefura” t-shirts. Master P an artist who amused many with his paintings also scored himself a couple of buyers and Mutanda catering went home with empty pots because of their delicious dishes.

The event struck a chord with Fana Maseko, who remarked feeling a new sense of purpose towards this event. “I am even motivated to do more than just get the job done so that the kids can eat; I am now more passionate about consumers and willing to get more customers. With the motivation from other successful local businesses, a chance to interact with others in a captivating atmosphere. It was truly indeed a day to remember” he said.



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