Love for the entertainment industry between two friends instilled ideas in their minds. They thought of how they could be influential members and part of the industry, whilst creating a platform for potential talent to also showcase their worth. They acquired the basics and hit the ground running this was the miraculous birth of what was to be known as Freshman Productions.



At first it was paramount for them to master the basics off the endeavour they were about to pursue. Then they had to outline how it was going to be influential and an integral part of society. Resources were to be a vital part of this endeavour especially at its elementary level. They needed to learn how to make the most of the little they began with if this was going to work.

With the build up phase taken care off it was time to get their hands dirty and get on their grind. The partners knew that they needed to incorporate their academic experience with their societal analysis to forge equilibrium. Thando Mdluli and Karabo Mashele were young people venturing into business which had previously left the faint hearted shuttered and hopeless.

Freshman Productions is a start up media house specialising in music, video and graphic design at affordable prices primarily targeting young businesses and potential clients. The company was founded in 2009 by the two friends Thando and Karabo and has kept on growing ever since that time. Over the years that the company has been existent it has been a learning curve for the founders and they have grown as partners and individuals.


The company has previously endorsed and recorded music and videos for young talent in the townships and other parts of Gauteng. Amongst those who have had a personal experience with the company are King Pock, King Izzy, Dee-Ray, Vintage, Saadiq Ali M and the Ogees just to name a few.  Most of this music has been used to build hype for these young artists by uploading them on sites like Data file host and Kasimp3.

Freshman Productions is always looking for fresh talent to work with. As Karabo emphasizes “we are looking at working with people who have talent, ambition and the required skills but most importantly you need to have love for media and production”. They further proclaimed that because they are young their productions and designs are constantly fresh and in touch with trends.

The partners Thando and Karabo hope that one day their company will be a leading production entity in the country and be recognised globally as a brand. They hope that one day they can be an example to future generations that when you dream with your eyes wide open there’s no mountain or height you can’t reach.

The pair is still young and will have a lot to say in the shaping of the entertainment industry and careers of loads of upcoming talent. Karabo Mashele is only 21 years old and his passion for recording artists, mixing and mastering leaves little to be desired. He has been a source of inspiration to his peers and has grown to be somewhat a prodigy with his enthralling beats and mastering skills.


Freshman Productions is stationed at 208 Schelding Street PTA 0001 and is open to anyone who is interested in quality productions/services all round. You can get hold of the company for further updates, bookings and quotations at any of the following contacts Facebook: Freshman Productions Twitter @Freshman_prod or simply drop them an email at


By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.B


  • January 21, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    I hv worked wth de freshman production their production is on point n wht I knw abt thm is dat de boys r working hard thy really rep cap city


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