Each one of us has got a potential to become absolutely everything we desire or wish to become, we are beautiful, handsome and full of energy and we can do absolutely anything and everything we put our mind to, but whatever we are doing is it worth it? I spent some time looking at some of the things that we the youth of Pretoria do and I am pleased to say that I have seen a lot and have to say some of the things we do are really shocking.

I don’t know how as a pretty little girl, you think that you could share a man with a woman as the same age as your mom. I don’t know how you as a young handsome man could be comfortable with sharing a woman with a few other guys. I don’t know, is it because we value ourselves that less that we actually had to resort to this kind of methods?

one thing that surprises me, is that when some men approaches us as young women, they do tell us that they are married and that they are just looking for fun. Some do tell us that things are not working out in their relationship with their spouses. I know that as soft and kind as we are we will feel sorry for them but the truth is that we are not social workers or even marriage counsellors so it’s not up to us to make them feel good about themselves.

But unfortunately some of us end up being up there with those men trying to make them feel better; one thing that you should know is that when someone tells you that they are married they do not have any intentions of building a future with you. They are not going to leave their spouse for you, am sorry to say this but majority of us sisters seem to be blind. The fact that you can go out with a married man or somebody who is in a serious relationship simply means that you are comfortable with being a “spare wheel”.

Now coming to our dear hunky brothers, when a married woman or somebody who is in a serious relationship tell you that they took an interest in you, you simply get excited and think that you are better than the guy or man you are replacing. Would it kill you to just do something good for your health once in your lifetime and say no to these women?  If they are looking for entertainment, why don’t they go somewhere with the men the same age as them?

Why should they come to you and ruin your life? I guess you are surprised when I say that why should they come and ruin your life, but to be honest with you I don’t think there’s any man especially who is married who would jump at the opportunity to share his woman with a young, hormonal man. Now what do you think the man would do if he finds out that he is sharing his women with you?

But seriously though, that woman only call you when her man is out of town or out to do his businesses, so do you really think you have a future there? Do you think that she thinks more of you than her own business man? Remember that all the things’ that her man can offer her, you cannot afford so what else do you think she wants from you? Seriously though my dear brother, are you really comfortable with being a spare wheel?


Pretoria has got intelligent young women and men who have a choice in life and I honestly think and pray that one of the choices is not being a spare wheel. A spare wheel is only used in case of emergencies so this means that when there are no rainy days, you are not needed so why don’t we just quit our ways? I know that we are from different background and some of us are struggling so we think we have no choice but to resort to the only method that can hurt us really bad. My tears are mostly for the ladies because we are usually the most affected or we are the victims of operation spare wheel.

I think that there are always choices and solutions in life, speak to the right people if you think you are suffering. Somewhere around the corner there is always a good Samaritan who is willing to assist those who have fallen, you don’t really need to look down on yourself or think that you are man once said that “life is a journey worth exploring” so take your time and explore but make sure you do not kill yourself doing it.

I think as young men and women we have the power to control whatever we want to happen in our lives, now just take your time, think carefully before you do anything else, your parents, your township and most possibly your country needs you. If a country has got focused young men and women, then most things will run smoothly.

In the meantime take care of yourself and say no to being a spare wheel, I believe you are the most precious thing that has ever happened to this country.




Edited By: M.D.B

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