The elegant clothes I’m covered in and the heels on my feet I bought them with the money I worked my butt off to earn, thus I say call me miss independent.

Many women now our days can utter these words with outmost confidence knowing that they need not answer to anyone especially a man. Our fore bearers fought tirelessly to achieve this status as the African saying goes wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo (you strike a woman you strike a rock) unshaken to the very depths of or souls.

Some of you might mistake me for a sexist; allow me to amplify my sentiments. The point I’m making is that women are no longer destined to be codified housewives, found barefoot and pregnant in front of a stove. In todays generation women occupy top managerial positions in companies and perform so called ‘man jobs’ once upon a time dominated by men. Women have come across with that source of compassion and elegance into these positions replacing the robust iron fist leadership that intimidated far than it motivated.

I’m all about women empowerment and growth but I disagree with some perceptions where women have come out guns blazing saying men are no longer important/necessary. We ought to coexist with both sexes working cohesively and harmoniously. So yes ladies we can do what used to be men’s duties but that doesn’t mean we are better at it than them. But also to you guys you need to realise than we as women are no longer inferior, we can also rule with unshakable strength and courage as you do.

To all the women who defied odds and became the exception by rising above doubt from other women and ignorant men that you couldn’t do something big ups to you. You have endured all the obstacles and trials in your journey towards your success and in the end you stood out as an example to many other women with equal and greater dreams.

With all that said and done let’s not forget our place and who we are for we are not just women, we are nurturers, role models, home makers and all that put together constitute being a woman, so be that commander in chief to the world but stay true to your origins.

You might feel as though you don’t need a man to define who you are, paying those bills and putting bread on top of the table but don’t forget their role in this equal world. It’s a good thing if you are independent but most of this men remain, fathers, bread winners and guardian’s even mentors to most of us and that role cannot be excused.

‘It takes two to tango’ non greater or less than the next but equally relevant. Stay true to yourself and don’t allow anything or anyone to make you feel as though you are not worthy of being something or somewhere, but acknowledge the reality of this world. You are entitled to be what you want, to sum it up be woman and proud.




Edited By: M.D.B

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