You got a friend in me, no need to worry, no need to hide because you got a friend in me. Oh the sweet joys of friendship and how they can easily turn into a love hate situation which we can’t afford to live without despite all its downsides. I mean no relationship was ever found to be perfect whether intimate or relative, you always find those little imperfections that zing or spunk. But tonight we are going to talk about frienemies (friends that are also enemies).

At this point in time you’re probably asking yourself how this is even possible well I’m going to use this occasion to educate you. This odd but yet conducive kind of friendship exists between two people in most cases females who are friends but aren’t really fond of each other. Despite this common denotation they still got each others back when it matters.

For those of you who claim to have no such friends then I’m sorry to tell you that most of the people you take to be your friends are just there for their ulterior motives. This kind of friendship may prove not to be ideal for everyone because you might think the person you’re hanging around with enjoys your company when in retrospect you make them sick to their stomach.

I personally think it’s better to have that friend who tells you upfront that you’re a nuisance, than have the one who gossips behind your back telling other people how you suck. I mean it doesn’t even make sense to go complaining to other people about someone than being upfront with them. That’s simply being a coward.

We expect friendship to be about trust, loyalty, being that shoulder to cry on even showing that sisterly or brotherly bond. But is there a manual telling us how to do so? I mean isn’t friendship meant to be about knowing a person and sharing their deepest darkest secrets and still not judge them. What I’m saying is you should be able to trust the person you regard as a friend with your life, if you can’t simply walk away and leave the backstabbing and betrayal behind.

In the end friendship is what you make it to be no terms and conditions, just two people with common interests, humour, principal and antics coming together to form a partnership of extraordinary measures.

Let me end of by saying be the person you’d like others to be to you and then things shouldn’t be so complicated.

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