As I begin to write this personality profile article I cannot help it but reflect on the life of the greatest icon the world has ever seen TATA Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. This global Icon has always stood for what he believed in and his love and protectiveness over the young patrons says it all about what he thought of the future of our beloved country and the rest of the world. In the words of the legend himself “when a man has done what he considers his responsibility to his people and his country then can he rest in peace”.

Today on our weekly article dubbed ‘Find Your Spotlight’ we focus on the efforts of yet another young patron who has dedicated his life and skills to empowering himself and his community. Thapelo otherwise known as Thapnaz Cheque Money-paper has always had a passion for creative writing since he was still in school and like any great leader he has never looked back from then on.


He has over and over again proven that genuine leadership is not a birth right but the result of perseverance merged with hard work. With the impeccable support from his parents Thapelo has always been innovative, this proven by his fast food outlet and internet café which he founded at a relatively young age.

Arguably this was the foundation for his later endeavours in life. After high school he was met rather by a dilemma, whether to continue pursuing the businesses he had found earlier in his life or to pursue his passion for creative writing. I guess human rationality matters not in matters of the heart; hence this was the moment which led to the birth of The Nashmag an online magazine.

Thapnaz talks highly of his business partner Tumelo as he reminisce “Tumelo and I went to high school together. She was basically the first person I told about the idea and she has been there with the Nashmag since the beginning. The Nashmag was originally targeting the local business around Ga-rankuwa but as the endeavour gained momentum so did the demand, thus spreading its territorial grounds towards the broad Cap city.


Thapelo and his partners have continued to work tirelessly on their endeavour and using their limited resources to great expansions.  The Nashmag has recently joined arms with Vuka Mzansi a NGO established to serve the formerly disadvantaged rural communities. Vuka Mzansi is a registered NGO ad their responsibility entails helping develop co-operatives, teaches entrepreneurial skills and prepares participants to become training programmers.

I guess it’s true what they say about ‘practice making perfect’, hence it has been a mountain to climb for Thapnaz striving to elevate his dream to the next level. “We struggle a lot with funding to expand the business even further” says Thapelo; this is the cry of every aspiring entrepreneur and intellect I have met and experience has taught me that those who acknowledge the problems are likely to solve them, unlike those who remain complacent.

Thapelo was born in Ga-rankuwa and at the age of eleven he moved to Soshanguve. He went to high school at H.L Setlalentoa where he matriculated at the age of 17, and then three years ago he moved back to Ga-rankuwa. After he had dissolved his previous dealings he then descendant his focus to the Nashmag and from that day he has never looked back.


Of late Thapnaz has had his absolute time and attention focused on the Nashmag with various proceedings within the mag demanding his attention. There’s a initiative which the mag is running called #IgniteTheCrowd a Hip Hop Tour Competition where winning participant stands a chance to appear on the first print cover issue of the Nashmag scheduled for 2014.

Like I said at the beginning of this article that we’re mourning one of the most self-less people the world has ever seen. TATA believed in emancipation and equality of all person(s) with emphasis on the endorsement of the youth. Thapelo is a revelation to the testament of Madiba that “it always seems impossible until it’s done”, it’s sometimes sad to hear how today’s youth are dismissed for being too materialistic and without a purpose whereas people like Thapnaz re-ignite the light of hope and restore our dignity.

To Thapnaz and the inexcusable legacy of son of the soil Dr Nelson Mandela I salute you.

By: M.D.B

Edited By: M.D.B


  • December 11, 2013 at 12:51 am

    I am very humbled by this article. Well written indeed. Thank’s to the magazine for shinning a spotlight on a brother.


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