If you fall I will catch you, just trust me.

Such sweet words with the best of intentions but not enough truth perhaps we are to sceptic. Because it can be true if you trust the person saying that, but ultimately in the end they’re just words.

With that out the way I just have to say sometimes we are such fools. We say we want/need love but we go around saying certain genders are dogs as if we a better breed. We should call the entire human race contradictions instead of humans, because we sure are the epitome of contradictions.

We go around judging, gossiping, slandering and even name calling each other all in the name of what? I seem to have not gotten the memo of what, what is. So am left to ask when we look at ourselves in the mirror do we see saints? Oh but of cause not, for we see the sexy beasts we think we are because we too caught up in self-love.

We are now a generation too afraid to love freely, too scared to trust all because we tried before and got hurt. So when you do eventually get the courage to love again why is it then that you still bring up your ex or tell your current partner you been hurt before as if it’s all rocket science? Of course your new partner would know that because they too have been hurt and understand that it’s a big step to have the desire to give love another go.

So why claim to be over your ex when you still bring them up? Why try at something new when a specific song still reminds you of Lerato or Raymond? Why make your new man or woman a victim of your unfounded insecurity? Thought provoking isn’t it? But I ask all this to make you understand that letting go is very important if however you want to give love another try.

When you reach a point that you feel ready to love again you need to start at a new page. By that I mean you must be refreshed, at peace, not lonely and open hearted. That’s when you do get that someone new whose texts lighten your face like you radiating and leaves your stomach in knots. You will be able to start afresh like it’s the first time you love with all ghost of the past in ghost busters’ headquarters ready for permanent removal.

So leave the ex-talk to rebounding if that’s your kinder thing but talk future with your potential Mr or Mrs Right with tons of compliments, cute gifts, and thoughtful gestures. Endless talks about dreams, goals and educational inspirations. Booming potential trips or silly challenges between you too.

Go crazy if you must for even though some of the things won’t be for the first time but will be of the best time with your brand new better half that is not Lerato or Raymond but could   end up being your life lesson or you’re completing piece to your life or heart.

And that’s the true art of free falling learning to love again like its brand new….




Edited By: M.D.B


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