Tonight I’d like to begin the ‘Find Your Spotlight’ article by quoting the inspiring words once said by the astounding writer and my all time favourite author Dan Brown. He said “what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”. Life is like a windmill it will blow you in all directions but the ride is always fruitful even if the outcome wasn’t anticipated.

I honestly believe if you are really passionate about a specific activity and you dedicate yourself to making it a success then there’s no reason why it can’t happen. Someone once said “music speaks to the soul” however today this quote can be argued for and against. We are living in an era of digital entertainment where the business side of music is far superior to the spiritual or conscious side of it. However there still some artists who always strive to tell a story and touch people lives with their lyrical deliverance and who better to emphasize this fact than Trigger Lerabele.


Trigger Lerabele is an upcoming artist from Hammanskraal who has taken the streets of his hood by storm quickly spreading in and around Pitori. He has over the years made waves around the local hip-hop scene with his provocative Setswana lyrics. Trigger is an independent artist working closely with Vicious Rebels and upcoming producer Casba.

The highlight of his music career came in 2010 when he was afforded the opportunity to perform in one of the crusades organised by the LOC (Local Organising Committee) during the FIFA World Cup tournament. He has also performed in places like Morula Sun, Sun City and has had gigs around Mafikeng.


Trigger is also involved in the transport business where by he works closely with both individuals and companies transporting goods for them. It’s without doubt that his a peoples person hence in all his endeavours he tends to find himself put in a position where he’s required to do a lot of interaction with all kinds of people. This is not all the giving back and public service Trigger is partaking in as he is also occupied as a fire fighter for the Department of Tshwane.


With all this proceedings that Trigger is involved in it comes as no surprise that he has come upon a few setbacks in his endeavour as a motswako rapper. However the most significant setback which has befallen this talented individual is time constrains. He has found it difficult to find it within his busy schedule to take valid time to properly market his music. As a result getting airplay has been an obstacle especially being an independent artist.  This hasn’t dampened the spirit of the lad as he is busy working on numerous singles and planning a tour around his neighbourhood.

Mpho Mishack Masiya was born in Limpopo Duiwelskloof and when he was only two years old his parents relocated to Pitori Hammanskraal. Mpho matriculated from Sikululelile High School in Hammanskraal.  He first ventured into the music industry back in 1999 and has since persevered and has never looked back from that time. He released his debut album later on independently called “Lefoko Botala” which developed and won him new followers of his craft.

Trigger sees himself as an aspiring business figure and has hopes of becoming an established entrepreneur one of the good days. His pays special attention to all he pursues and dreams of one day developing and enhancing living standards in his hood.  Like I mentioned above Trigger is very involved with people in his business and profession and surely is a crucial part of their day to day lives.


The public and business interests can get hold of this versatile and talented lad by email at trigger@webmail.co.za or simply call his manager Wizda at 0794292161 or interact with him on Facebook under the username

Trigger as a boy grew up listening to a lot of Tupac’s music arguably one of the greatest entertainers to have ever lived. It was Tupac himself who said “life is about identifying opportunities, living is about seizing those opportunities”. Trigger has identified opportunities available to him and at the moment he is currently seizing them. Who ever said you can’t be all you wish to be in life was trippin because our feature tonight is enough to prove that nothing is impossible.

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