As much as we love music, fashion is also the centre of our day to day life, from interior design to custom made vehicles to clothes. One would say fashion is not for them without realising that a certain item on their body is the latest fashion trend. People express themselves differently, and that’s what sets us apart.

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I am a perfect example of this, my style is unpredictable and I express myself according to my day. Some days I rock a vintage outfit and the next day I would wear my vest and track pants. I normally work with what’s in my closet. Having a jean with a darker shade helps the cause, I can transform different looks, from day to night wear adding a few details here and there to suit a particular look.

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I contacted a close friend of mine Stan Nkwane, a fashion designer based in Pretoria Atteridgeville of Stank Hume designs to elaborate more on fashion and style.

Here’s what he had to say:

Q. So what’s the latest trends for spring that people can look out for?

A. “Crop Tops, high waist skirts and pants, jumpers, joggers, bodycon  skirts and dresses, jeggings, tank tops.”

Q. What are the colours to look for this spring?

A. “Your burgundy, cayenne red, placid blue, hemlock green to mention a few.”
Q. From your point of view define style..

A. “Style is more than just a good look, but a sense of good manners, and a good personality”
Q. Stank Hume designs specializes in?

A. “Stank Hume specializes in formal wear and urban wear”
Q. Where too from here for Stank Hume designs?

A. “Where to with Stank Hume, well besides working with other brands designing for them like the new swim wear range that’s coming up, I just want to make good suits for men and ladies……that’s where I’m going”
Q. What can you tell people that are looking forward to climbing up the fashion industry or looking up to you?

A. “If one wants to be in the industry, they just have the passion for it”
In closing fashion is always fast paced its forever changing and can be easily manipulated provided you understand what works for you. Go there and have a slice of fashion.

If all these made you want to own a piece of clothing or an entire wardrobe from Stank Hume contact them on:
Facebook: Stan Nkwane

Twitter     : stank_hume85

Cell         : 078 196 7450/ 072 357 5091

BBM        : 29F6E8A0




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  • August 22, 2014 at 1:52 am

    Awesome staff, fashion is indeed life, like Tom Ford said “Dressing good is a form of good manners”.


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