What is happening to the youth of South Africa? Our life seems to be in struggle with the injustices of this world, but is running away really an option? If yes then how long are you going to run for? Is living your life on the run really worth it? I think not. Sometimes as youth we come across challenges and we end up feeling life has not been fair to some of us, we have tried so much resolve our issues but somehow life made it clear to us that we are really not worthy of happiness or even a better life. But then those are the things that we think when we are alone in our rooms with no one to talk to but ourselves.

Life is not fair, it has always not been fair; we are not the first to be on the receiving end of life and we’ll definitely not be the last. Because if life was fair, every one of us would be living their dreams and have everything they always wanted or wish to have. Sometimes things get so difficult that we think we have no option but to try and solve the problems. We don’t want to feel the pain anymore and we think that by only running away from the pain we will succeed, so we turn to our friends or peers for help. Some of our friends can give the advice that’s worth a million dollars but some of our friends might give you an advice that will take us to our death.

But because we are desperate to be alive again, to be in control and also to try escaping the pain, we turn a blind eye and the wrong advice ends up winning our hearts over. We end up doing the wrong things while busy trying sort our lives out.

One of the coping mechanisms that we the youth use especially in Pretoria its drug abuse. We start so slow but then within a blink of an eye the drugs have already taken over our lives.  Some of us accidentally fall for this trap and some of us walk into this thing with open eyes. We are not aware of the effects and even the results of drug abuse and even though we have seen or even heard, some of us find it hard to quit because our lives are already dependants of the drugs. We rely on the drugs to stay sane, to be in control or to even stay away from pain, if only we knew how our lives would turn out with drugs as our head advisers.

There’s nothing as painful as seeing a beautiful young lady turn into a prostitute because she wants to feed her habit of drugs. Blame her all you want but when the body is demanding the poison, nothing else matters but just a fix. Our parents cry every single night and day because they have raised young women and men who they thought will be the future of this country but every single day they have to suffer the injustice or the cruelty of drugs. How can  a parent sleep at night knowing that chances of his or her child being killed during a robbery or being disabled during the quest to feed his or her unhealthy habit is sky high?

Drugs are destroying our future, if you can take a look at some of our fellow youth who are addicted you will see that there’s actually nothing good about taking drugs, some of them are still in their teens but they look like old people. Please I mean no disrespect to our elders, nothing is wrong with looking old as long as you look your age. Another thing is the change in the skin colour, light skinned young person will be so dark and you will be surprised what went wrong?  Black is beautiful yes that I agree but only if that’s the skin colour you were born with.

I just want to touch a bit on academics, South Africa needs an educated youth but once we start taking drugs we start seeing things the other way round. At the end we think literacy is not important any more, we start believing that we rule the world. We are queens and kings of our own castles we don’t want to hear anything anymore because we think that we are in control of the situation while in actual fact everything is just the opposite of what we think. It’s so painful to see fellow youth so confused with themselves its even painful seeing somebody sleep walking publicly in broad day light, drugs are slowly but surely destroying our lives.

We are the next generation; we need strategies to deal with our issues and problems, those strategies that will not be harmful to our lives or health, those strategies that will not destroy our future and our goals.

I think that we are strong enough to face any challenge that comes our way; the only problem is that we do not trust ourselves enough to stand on our own.

South Africa needs responsible young women and men I think the only step to being responsible is by understanding what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. To talk things through instead of bottling them up, no one will understand or even help you if they don’t know what you are up against. It’s also important to know that drugs are not a solution to your problem, they are just a temporary coping mechanism and when the drug is gone the real problems confront you and you will have no way out except to go back to those drugs that will destroy your health.

We are young, vibrant and strong, we are energetic and fantastic, let’s try and live our lives to the purpose that we were made for, which is to become responsible adults in future. And to our brothers and sisters who need help, there’s still hope as long as you know that you need help and are determined to get it. Don’t do it for anyone else but for yourself, then after that you can do it for South Africa. Accepting your mistake is a first step to self healing and self rediscovery, good luck and hope the future opens the door wide for you when you are ready to knock on it.



Edited By: M.D.B

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