Young, Wild and Free a perfect way to describe most of the youth now our day. We are living in what many have dubbed “the last days”, only a few have a clear idea about their future plans whilst the rest prefer to party that future away. Who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong when I also have my own flaws. One thing I do know is that life is a marathon thus you don’t have to be the fastest to reach the finish line, but you need to be strong willed or you might end up as that runner nobody remembers.

Do you remember the quote “Do what you love and you’ll never work a single day of your life”. Well for our feature tonight to reach the level he is at he kept to that principle. How many people do you know who are good at something but tend to give in or pursue something else because their ultimate passion took longer than expected to materialise to what they had hoped. Perseverance is the key to success the testimony by Leofric Dj.


It all began through his love of music. “Being a Dj was the last thing on my mind, all I wanted was to enrol with a varsity get my qualification and join the corporate world”, says Leofric Dj. However along with his friends whom some were Dj’s in their own right used to visit local pubs and taverns which ignited his love for music. How it all came to be it was rather spontaneous when one day he decided to give it a shot the reception was unexpected and from that day onwards he never looked back.

This was his breakthrough into the entertainment industry as a Dj. He continued to spread his wings playing at joints like Skibakiba, Zoom-Zoom night club, Club Africa and Ruth Café now called Van Tuka Af. Wherever this lad has played he has managed to grab the attention of the audience and he manages to leave the crowd wanting more all the time.

After being invited to play at one of the events organised by Nteke Institution Crew and like wise blowing them away this led to the birth of Tshwane gigs. Tshwane gigs is an initiative which was started to expose vibrant young people to gigs happening around cap city. This initiative was warmly received by the general public and in a few weeks it managed to reach the five thousand mark in terms of friends under the administration of this lad.


Leofric has in recent times along with his friends started working on a new endeavour all together. Along with two of his friends Alfred Mlambo and Koketso Kekana they have formed Versatile Entertainment Company which they hope will grow into a power house in the industry. Dj Shimza has been his inspiration ever since joining the industry, but the young lad dreams of one day being an inspiration to upcoming and young Dj’s from all walks of life.

However it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Leofric as at first he struggled with equipment so he could practise his craft and sharpen his skills, but that didn’t discourage him and in no time he had crossed that bridge. Now the challenge he encounters most is the lack of constant gigs to play at “I’m denied a chance to showcase my abilities because I always leave a mark”, says Leofric.

Sizwe Sylvester Modiba is 22 years old born in Winterveldt a township situated at the north of Pretoria. He later moved to Soshanguve, he attended Primary school at Uthando then moved to Mgidi Junior Secondary previously known as Kokotla before he went on to Matriculate at Senthibele Senior Secondary School. Growing up Sizwe had dreams of being a Graphic designer until the “Leofric Effect” overwhelmed him.

Leofric Dj future plans are to transform the name Leofric into a brand than just a Dj. He hopes that Leofric can one day serve as an umbrella that creates a shield for different stake holders and endeavours.

Fans and the general public can get hold of this lad by simply liking his page on Facebook Leofric Dj or simply follow @Leofric_Dj on Twitter, this is where you will get updates on where to catch him in action and find out what he’s busy with. For bookings simply email this lad at leofricdj@gmail.com or call and Whatsapp him on 0768162583.


Ladies and gentleman the lesson we need to learn is that dreams do come true if you’re prepared to get on your feet, fold your shirt and get your hands dirty. Nothing in this world comes cheap for everything that come cheap goes even cheaper. If you plan to blame circumstances, your past or even your mistakes for not making your move then you’ll forever leave in the past. The future is always bright you just have find your mojo and allow things to unfold.

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