Stress, stress and stress it’s no secret that people carry a lot of stress on a daily basis, whether it be that you don’t like your job, a boss who fails to understand that your life doesn’t revolve around your job, or that ex who doesn’t want to let go. Such things can lead you to your grave and truth is such things are just impossible to ignore, you can’t avoid stress the best way to deal with it is to find ways to cope.

With so many stressors around, some people are stronger than others while others are not entirely immune to stress, we’re all different and I guess that’s what makes us interesting. But truth is stress is no child’s play, some people have knocked on deaths door due to stress. Not all stress is bad, matter of fact there’s two types of stress positive and negative stress. Positive stress is the one that pushes you to do something better, confused? Okay here are examples:

  • Think about that hectic exam time whether be it your final or midyear exam there’s always that thing that pushes you to study, well that depends on whether you are aiming to fail or pass which I doubt failure is the aim.
  • When you’re having an interview for your dream job, wouldn’t you worry about how you going to answer those question and also impressing your interviewee?
    I won’t lie to you I stressed that time when I had an interview for my job, but that’s good because it pushed me to research more about the job and as a result I nailed that interview.

Moving swiftly to negative stress. How do you feel when your boss is stressing you? Does that motivate you to wake up early to go to work? What about this one, how would you feel if your partner constantly cheated on you? Or what about not having enough money to afford daily living, how do you feel if you were unemployed? Need I
say more? Those my dear friends are part of negative stress and if this type of stress if not treated can lead to serious health problems. The major question is how does one deal with stress? What if I told you stretch exercises can help?
You might not believe me but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so how about you try my advice and please give feedback if this works. Here is what I would like for you to try.

  • Run for ten to fifteen minutes to warm your body, stretching cold muscles is risky so let your body be warm first.
  • Perform the hamstring stretch for 30 second hold, alternate each leg.
  • Do quad stretches (hip stretch) for 30 second hold, alternate each leg.
  • Stretch your arms (30 second hold for each arm).
  • Do a shrug exercise (shoulder roll) 30 seconds hold.
  • Don’t forget your waist roller each for thirty seconds.
  • Your back is also important so please don’t forget your cat stretch (that’s a back stretch).

Seems to me we are almost done, we will only finish when you start stretching away those stressors, make sure you complete at least 30 minutes of flexibility exercise 5 days a week to achieve better results. Need I say more? Okay maybe next time.
Till then stay fit.

Edited By: K

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