What is love, who knows but it’s sure something we all want. It’s something we all long for, no matter how many headaches and heartbreaks we encounter we all still want it for the beauty we all believe it possess.

Anybody can write or tell tales on end about how bad love hurts but your pride simply prohibits it. Thus we brave on and eventually you end up sacrificing yourself for the sake of that relationship, at times we land ourselves in a depreciating spiral of emotions searching for the true meaning of this confusing phenomenon.

With that said and done I think it’s just sensible for me to breakdown this observation.

It’s like a big wolf or thorn in our lives, as much as we would love to hate it it’s something we all need a piece of but the question we need to ask ourselves is where do we get it wrong?

Material possession is a paramount contributor in the survival or collapse of most intimate relationships. For instance most women have adopted the tendency to use their bodies as a magnet that attracts the opposite sex to abide to their material desires. Things like money; cars, clothes and partying have overtaken emotional needs and how intimate you are as partners.

Most men have become more interested in the immediate results and satisfying their immediate desires. Relationships have evolved into consensual exchange of goods with the one group providing sexual remuneration in exchange for material triumph. Relationships seem to have lost their historic value replaced by greed and global social norms.

What justification might there be for such deteriorating social standards and peoples approach to life?

Is our generation so mislead to an extent that the feelings and emotional needs of the next person mean nothing to you? Does the fear of poverty or instable financial acquisition constitute this modern behaviour? Or is it to fit in with your peers and succumb to social standards regardless of how you might really feel?

What ever happened to different strokes for different folks, are we simply victims of circumstances or is all this intentional? Everybody have their excuses for why they behave in a specific manner some are mere scapegoats and others simply shift the blame. Its common logic to distinguish between good and bad decisions, either influenced by society or your approach to life but at any given time sense is common hence the phrase common-sense?

So when you make a decision affecting the next person simply uses your senses and consider the odds if the shoe was on the other foot. It’s your natural instincts that dictate what’s best for you so nobody can ever change you from who you truly are and who am I to try and judge you when I have no clue what influenced your decisions, but one thing I can do is change myself to make the world a better place and the same applies to you.


Edited By: M.D.B


  • December 2, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Some of those did happen with me. I have no further comment on dis


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