You don’t even know me but you don’t like me.

That is something we all tend to do dislike people from first sight without any relevant excuse or explainable reason.

That is how and why we form cliques within ourselves and peers but what goes to qualifying a person to be in our cliques is it Body type or Looks even Character similarities? It all just makes us seem so shallow judging people without fair trial we just pass judgement as if we are perfect or of better standing or status.

Yeah sure we should associate ourselves with people we gel with but how are you to know if a person is cut from the same cloth as you without even reaching out. Those very same ones you say are your clique could be as fake as your labelled clothes or be as pretentious as actors in front of the camera without shouting cut.

And as hard as it is living in such a world ruled by money, we now need to worry about fitting in. For as much as we would like to believe that we can be by ourselves, human nature just doesn’t allow it because we have natural feelings of/for longing.

We were all made from the same mould just different sections of it that is why we have different personalities and what not but let’s not make that a scapegoat. Poor people have more heart hitting things to say than any rich person can tell you about profit margins. But being the materialistic people we rather hook up with profit margins than dedicate ourselves to make the world a better place for all.

If you think cracking into cliques at school or work is hard try a church clique a whole different ball game to any kind of grouping which is strange because church is the one place where we should unite as one in all right? As shocking as it may be to believe take a brief moment to think about it, it surely will come to you as to why I say so. Why is it that we exclude people from playing a part in your life without at least trying to know them first, are standards all that there is to us?

We may no longer have slaves but we really aren’t free because as hard as we may strive for individuality we tend to suppress it for we are afraid of how people will take us. That is how closed circle are created, by being the person we are not.

I say be you, do you no matter how odd other people will take you because those that are like you will love you.  That way before you knows it you’re in the right circle that will benefit you and grow you.

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