I’ve always believed and advocated for cohesion in all forms and departments of life. I mean we stand a better chance at making a significant impact if we collaborated our efforts and pulled as one. Our great grand parents promoted collectivism and Uhuru in all departments of life thus the African proverb’ it takes a village to raise a child’. It’s without doubt that ours is quickly turning into an individualistic generation in uniform with the global society which has influenced our outlook on life. After all it was Aesop of Greece who said “united we stand divided we fall” who are we to disagree.

One thing that denies us the opportunity to shine now a day is selfishness and greed. We are so desperate to make an impact that we are blind to realise the significance of the other in our own endeavour. But dare I say who am I to judge lets rather let evidence do the talking. I can’t help but reiterate the cliché “revolution shall be televised” as history was written. In 2012 a whisk of uncompromised wind blew over the streets of Soshanguve as a new dimension of life was born and it was named Makomonisi MK.


Makomonisi is a hip hop movement designed of 7 members. The word Makomonisi is a direct translation of comrades which can be defined as a group of individuals who share a common interest and have a unanimous observation. Their passion and dedication to the game is what brought them together, coming from the same area was just a virtue of circumstances. In the short period that they have been together their impact has been hard to miss.

MK is made up of MOSANKIE, BIGMATT, FINGERS, CLOUDY and UNIK a group made up of (3 artists namely PLAN, KENNY and MED4LIS). The first time I saw these cats in action I was in Ext 4 in Sosha visiting a friend and they (MK) were hosting an open mic session at this Pozzie called Lebyayeng. My first thought was this is a dope concept and being the fan that I am me and my buddy decided to hang around and support the cats.

Well to our satisfaction the show went on accordingly and there were some dope performances along the way but most importantly the fans and potential fans had been exposed to their craft. We’ll life goes on and after that day I tried to keep in contact with this guys I had just seen performing but along the way the contact faded away but not the hustle.

Well during that absence the movement went on to take things a step further. They have managed to work with other aspiring artists and not only in features but also production wise. They have worked with local clothing brands promotion wise and also ventured into making things liked cover sleeves for other artists.

However it would be unjust to mention the accomplishments this movement has had without mentioning Rumours a hit track by Mosankie Ft 7vn. What makes this track so special is the fact that it managed to make it into the Motsweding FM unsigned hip hop charts occupying the #1 spot for 13 weeks. The movement has also shot 3 videos to date for tracks like Mzabalazo- Makomonisi title track, Rumours and Seganana by Mosankie ft. Medfolliez.


They say you must work like a slave to eat like a king something MK would definitely testify to. When this crew was first formed in 2012 they came across some brutal obstacles which nearly paralyzed them. The one thing that stands out is that at first people took them for granted and didn’t believe in their endeavour. They were written off before they could even get a chance to tell their side of the story but it was a challenge they were not willing to succumb too. They understood the principle of perseverance to succeed.

Makomonisi came about as a dream that Mosankie at the time an artist signed to Cascade Sounds Records had. He felt the edge to organise a kind of clique that would work harmoniously on their shared diverse crafts. To his relief there were other cats in his hood that could relate to his dream and had a similar interest. Since then the MK movement has never looked back and as a unity they managed to get their tracks on platforms like Motsweding FM, Ikwekwezi, Tshwane FM and other local radio stations.

The movement is currently busy with solo projects and working on a campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness, alcohol and drugs abuse. MK future plans are to have their music videos televised and get air play on major national radio stations. They hope they can be able to pave the way for future generations to can also showcase their crafts. They are still looking to grow their movement into a business in terms of investors and sponsors.


MK is always on their grind and may be in your area at anytime so keep your ears and eyes opened. You can purchase some of their merchandise wherever they are performing or simply download their music on the internet free of charge. You can also stay in touch with them on Facebook by joining the group page Mk Sosha Movement or by simply liking their solo fan pages. Here are some of the links to free download of their music.

Makomonisi- Mzabalazo


Mosankie ft. Medfolliez- Seganana

Fingers- Sghubu Sa Bolova

Unik- Vacation

BigMatt ft. Mosankie and King- Game Plan

Cloudy ft. Mosankie- Girls

MK represents a new era in the game and brings a new sound which may prove to be Pitori signature sound (SPRAKATHI). They are without doubt a force to be reckoned with and one for the future. I conclude tonight’s article in the words of Tupac when he said “Don’t be afraid of change because you might lose something good in exchange for something great”, good night.

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By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.

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