When everybody might have thought that the heritage month fever is a thing of the past, the kingdom worshipers argued otherwise. On October 5 the kingdom worshipers  based in ext4 Soshanguve north of Tshwane hosted a show to celebrate heritage month and raise funds for the singing sensational who fuse traditional hymns with contemporary technical improvises.  The group going by the alias kingdom worshipers have been planning to record their debut compilation but financial stability has been their main obstacle.


  • Kingdom worshipers gracing the stage with their melodic hymns.

‘However on this day that was not a priority to them and fellow guest appearances who were invited to join in praising and entertaining the crowds attending’. Numerous artists apart from kingdom worshipers graced the stage and literally sang their hearts-out; the feeling within the holy shrine was inspiring and welcoming. At the beginning things were hesitant to pick-up but once the inspiration drew in, it was quite evident that the will of God was done justice.


  • Gospel hip-hop group dimension five doing their thang.



  • Thokozane and Thabang blessing the crowd. 


A diverse crowd of people attended the event and most of them it could be read from their glowing faces that they were having the time of their lives. Overall it would be fair enough to say the event was a success and whether the end will justify the means only time will tell. Impressing enough was how most stuck to the theme and came out looking extra “fresh” in their traditional attires, sealing the love triangle formulated by music, culture and most importantly God.

 Image     Image

  • Some of the crowd attending the event (on the left) and crowds enjoying themselves (right).


These sorts of events are seldom to find and in retrospect they represent arguably the most inspiring, enhancing and empowering agendas and are a great benefit to society and its inhabitants. Instead of gallivanting the streets and misbehaving like the youth are usually portrayed by the media and stereotyped by society, initiatives like this are a frail brush to the already ruff surface and should be encouraged by society like we saw on this day.


By: M.D.B

Edited by: M.D.B

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