Friends, have you ever noticed how many of us run for the hills when it’s time for us to do house chores? Cooking, walking the dog or even having to take the stairs is a headache for most of us, but what we actually don’t know is that those chores we avoid are actually healthy for us. These chores we run away from are called physical activity and they are good for our health because of their fat burning effect and are also proven to be a good way of keeping fit. I know most of us think that the only way one can stay fit is through a well organised exercise training program or having access to a world class fitness facility but that my dearest is not entirely true.


Just losing your lazy bone for a moment and helping out at home with those house chores can do you wonders.  Take some time and do gardening, give your washing machine a break and do your laundry the old fashioned way or just take the stairs once in a while instead of the elevator or the escalator, it will really help you shed a few kilos. Let me refresh your memories, remember how you were all over the kitchen, the garden and every no go area when you were kids? As a result you were full of energy and hardly got sick, the same childhood habit will help you stay fit and healthy.


Let’s not forget our seniors citizens, am talking about our grannies and granddads ,  just take some time to walk with them, not only will you be helping them stay fit but you will also gain a handful of knowledge and insight about life. Do little things that keep them healthy, things like going for a jog together, cycling, swimming or even skipping rope with them, this will help their health and will help reduce their blood pressure and cut down their chances of contracting other diseases.


Remember the more physically active you are, the better chances of you looking and feeling great. Keep active and get busy with those house chores.


Stay Fit!




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