When I think of the year 2010 lots of memories filled with excitement, and a historic moment for Africa comes rushing through my mind. This was the year I enrolled at university to study journalism (best year of my life), the very same year South Africa was to be the first African nation to host the FIFA world cup, but what makes it much fascinating and a perfect year is the fact that it was also the very same year a new era of entertainment and greatness was born with the arrival of MS AMZA.

I believe it’s fair enough to refer to the beautiful Ms Amza as a Goddess of entertainment in her own right considering how she came to be a sensational as a Dj. It’s an added advantage to be born in a family where you have people who can inspire you, and allow you to spread your wings so was the case with the young Ms Amza when her uncle introduced her to Djing.Image

You can have the best support system in the world but without passion that can only take you so far. Fate never fails to ensue. The passion that Ms Amza has always had for music from day one was vital in her either sticking or breaking. When her uncle introduced her to mixing and the Dj fraternity he used Turn-Tables. As time progressed and her passion grew deeper, she had to also learn new trades and expand her territory and in not too long she was playing through the CD Pitch.



She officially marked her territory and took her place in the industry when she was awarded the privilege to play at one of the most supported annual gigs alongside top performers at the 3Yards Bash held at Giant stadium in Mabopane. She played her set and rubbed shoulders with entertainers like Pitch Black Afro, Black Coffee, Bucie and Shota just to mention a few. Playing at an event of this calibre alone it’s every Dj’s dream, making a good impression and getting the crowd going is a great accomplishment.

Learning the trades of the entertainment industry, when planning to pursue a career in it is always a good idea. But every student eventually has to take that examination to prove their worth. For Ms Amza she learned the hard way that to be a brand in yourself is a great responsibility and requires resilience. Her greatest challenge came across when she had to play amongst crowds favourites like Black Coffee, Silly Bean and Corry Da Groove but didn’t hesitate and persevered.


Amogelang Eleonous Sepeng was born on the 25 December 1993, in Pretoria. She grew up in Mabopane (north of Pretoria) attended primary school at Botsalo P School and high school at Ngaka Maseko H School. Amogelang is still at school and says if she wasn’t a Dj she would probably be occupied in the Forensic Department. Since she has started Djing and prior to that she has closely followed the career of Dj Zinhle whom is also her Role model.

Dj Amza has played in various events and places and always leaves the crowd demanding more. She has graced places like Zygos and Giant Stadium bringing that breath of fresh air to the industry and music lovers around Cap city. She plans to continue into this year pushing as hard if not twice as much as the previous one. She feels she still has lots of room to spread her wings towards being a house hold name but it’s inevitable.

If you’re one of us gig heads then you’re bound to bump into her sooner than later. Come check her out doing her thing this coming weekend 1February at The 3rd Annual Back 2 School Bash at Dj Noise place at Block L. Keep track of her and where she is playing add her on FB: Amogelang Eleonous DjmissAmza Sepeng, for bookings call her at 0842050936 or email amogelangeleonous@gmail.com





By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.B


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