Blood is thicker than water for where there’s a will the most-definitely is a way. Every artist will tell you that music is a universal language but only a good Dj can bring out the best of every song. I’ve in the past written of some of the most astounding talent coming out of the dusty streets of the townships of Pretoria, but today I shed some light on a boy who exceeds all expectations through his love and execution of musical notes.

Never undermine the influence of parents in the future endeavours of their descendants after all the can never be seeds without the existence of roots. This is the story of how once upon a time the was  an opera singer who gave birth to a son who was going to be a prodigy of musical notations destined to wow hundreds of spectators behold the era of Dj Twis’tee.


At the age of sixteen the young talent from Mabopane north of Pretoria Thato Mochaka decided to pursue his love for music by associating himself with other aspiring Dj’s from his hometown that were influential in teaching him the basics of being a DJ. This had been his passion for numerous years now and when the opportunity presented itself he grabbed it with both hands.

His good ear for music was a bonus package in the bombarded music industry especially for being an aspiring Dj. When asked what kind of music he enjoys playing most that’s where his mothers influence shines the brightest as he responds “I enjoy playing classical music, but being a Dj I have to adopt to different genres sometimes it depends where I play I don’t just play”.

He further emphasizes how a guy known as Bafana played a crucial role in his journey to being a Dj. 2013 stands out in his young career as he had the privilege to meet other Dj’s and played in some of the greatest gigs in his career. He expressed how playing at the DEEPTERNAL 4TH ANNUAL PARTY was one of the highlights of his career, ‘the response from the crowd was overwhelming and the event itself was epic he says’.


The thing with being new and young in the music industry is you tend to come across people who will be a pain in the neck and so has been the same with the young Twis’tee.” I guess it’s every Dj’s curse playing for a crowd where people keep asking you to play their favourite tune/song with no consideration of how that will affect the Dj’s mix and playlist”. At multiple times Twis’tee has had to give into these requests but inevitably he will have to learn how to ignore all this hurdles and keep to his original set.

Thato Mochaka is a seventeen years old boy who was born and bred in Mabopane where he is still stationed. As a young boy he attended Mpho Primary School which was later changed to Rekopantse P School. At the age of 11 the young Thato enrolled for violin lessons an instrument which he fell in love with and still plays to this day. Listening to music has always been his hobby and he dreams of enrolling with a music school one of the good days.

He is currently associated with an Entertainment company called DEEPTERNAL MUSIC based in Mabopane which was founded by aspiring Dj’s like Fortee, MO ‘Carlo and Fix M. The company was established in 2010 and he only joined it in 2012, it has played a crucial role in his young career and has opened many doors for him.


2013 was a very fruitful year for Dj Twis’tee and the festive was even more glorious playing at some reputable gigs and venues including Zygos, Morula sun and playing at Tut FM just to mention a few. 2014 promises to be epic as the young Dj looks to start focusing on producing own music and rocking more dance floors.

For any inquiries and bookings or if your simply interested in conversing with Dj Twis’tee you can get hold of him here Email: – DJMASTERTMOCHAKA@GMAIL.COM OR check out his Facebook account:-Thato Mochaka Call him at:-0794320676 or BBM him at:-27D18E9F


By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.B


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