It’s a place for praise and worship, a place to be intimate with God. A sanctuary for the broken and spiritually wounded yes that’s what church should be.

Times have surely changed from what Churches used to be in the past. Today it’s turned to a meeting place for bo mponeng (attention seekers), hypocrites, and people who live double standard lives, high demanding swaggerfied pastors, judgers and users. Sure you’re like what’s new right? That’s everyday life but not in church.

Why is it that church has become the most feared place to go to, a place where you risk walking out more spiritually disconnected than prior to your entry. Today church has changed to trial, jury, what went wrong with our churches? Are these the end days? Is the world coming to an end?

Churches rather trend than do the given tasks put upon them for the glory of God, Sunday services have become fashion shows, status flaunters and pastor pleasers opportunity to be seen. The change of times has influenced churches whereas it’s supposed to be the other way round because the Bible is still relevant even today regardless of it being written over 2000 years ago. So why can’t the church be the same? Yes churches need to be relevant to the times and address demands of the current generation but it should not blend in to be of the times.

If it’s not trending then it’s the controlling of congregations especially towards the youth, suggesting they should marry even go to the extent of choosing partners on their behalf all in the name of ‘guidance’. It’s so crazy to the point that pastors try to intervene in the congregation’s finances in hopes of receiving bigger tithes or donations. Is it the church of God or an organisation? Yes guide but guide properly as leaders appointed by God and forget about personal benefits for the Lord will bless you abundantly.

Just look at how those of status and stature can get away with anything in the church regardless of the constitution within the church just because they can make big financial contributions in the church and towards the pastor’s lavish lifestyle. What happened to putting God first? Materialistic bearings have no benefit to your soul and don’t really represent your success.

No one should ever be held up higher than anyone including churches. No church should ever think that it is more supreme than others for every single church fulfils its purpose as it’s destined according to Gods will.

The Lord says HE IS which basically means he is what he chooses to be to anyone or any congregations. The personification of God needs to stop so we can try to at least glorify the great Lord as He is. Churches need to go back to their roots and purposes so people may stop fearing church (and I mean people in the church)I mean how do churches marinate in false praises growth in congregations whilst they know people are leaving family by family, individual by individual.

We need to stop making church a mediocrity period! Let’s all humble ourselves and turn back to God.




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  • September 18, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    Its so sad that it is what it iz today … well the thing is that the church has lost the ” go against the current ” theme to ” flowing with the wave ” .

    Back to God …

    Great article . This piece reminds me of a very great lady called Dinky . We talked about this topic nd yes its serious because people are now even thinking of going in and out of churches seeking for God . Well changing churches wont help but one has to build such a relationship with God that no church issue will distract the relatiinship .


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