360◦ spin from an ordinary young boy to a respected and gifted technician of the 325is, German machine.

I have a feeling that on the 17/06/1973 angels in heaven must have sung louder than ever before. This might be due to several reasons like the fact that this was the day the American renowned rapper Anthony Henderson better known as Krayzie Bone was born, or perhaps it’s because this is the day the Senegalese sculpture Henri Sagna who is known universally for making great art from recycled things was born. I think the is a reason much stronger than that, a lot of things happened on this particular year but today we are going to focus on a what happened back here at home (RSA).

 It was merely three years before the renowned Soweto uprising and God being the all knowing king he must have intentionally championed this astounding plan. On this particular day a star was born and he was named Bongani Raymond Makhubo. I’m imagining let alone being born in this era must have been hard for the young Bongani so growing up with dreams of impacting and touching peoples lives must have been an extremely hard task.

It is evident that he was encouraged and motivated by his guardians to empower himself through education. After formal school he enrolled at Soteco, Echibini where he studied Human Resource Management. But it was not long when it became evident that his calling was to entertain people rather than be stuck in a formal office all day. I was still a young boy still in primary school when I first heard of his name and what he could do with a BMW 325IS.


However I was banished from attending such events as a young boy, my grand parents thought such behaviour was destructive and bad for society (which I obviously disagreed with). It was not until I made it to secondary towards high school that I had a first hand experience of what it was that caused heads to spin when the guys name was brought up. The way he handled the German machine was admirable and easy on the eye, it made me realise that this actually was an art-form.

He is the founder of the RBM Empire known on every street of Soshanguve if not Pretoria. It hurt me and shocked me when it was announced that Mr Shake Shake (his other alias) was no more but then I realised at least now his art can be enjoyed by angels in heaven. Yesterday on the 12th Soshanguve especially Block G was in roar as his memorial service began. His funeral will be on the 15th Sunday held at his house at 1129 Block G close to Entokozweni P School from 6h30am-9h30am. His burial will be held at Block P cemetery also in Soshanguve.

I advise that all loyalist and fans of the spin doctor should come out in numbers to pay their last respect, after the funeral all roads will lead to Sosh spin palace (Block F industrial-site) to bid farewell by doing for him what he did best. From the Tsa_Pitori team we would like to take this moment and say R.I.P grate one.

By: M.D.B

Edited by: M.D.B

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